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Thorp Academy lies at the heart of our community.  I was a student there, and my Dad was a teacher. I’ve been back on a number of occasions to write about various events at the academy.  To gather all of these together in one place, click here

Mr Hall, of Thorp Academy, has most kindly asked me if I will write (in my blog) about the demise of the old school, and the rise of the new. This will be an on-going project until 2017, and I’m delighted to have been asked to do it. I will keep this page updated regularly with developments and photographs.sc7


Last July Kay Farrow of Thorp Academy kindly showed me around and allowed me to take photographs inside the classrooms.  They were still in use, so I didn’t publish them at the time.  Here they are now, a couple of them demolished, and the remainder soon to follow, newest at the top.

30th July, 2016  These rooms belonged to the Domestic Science and Art departments in my day. Mr. Skelton was my art teacher. He’s a lovely guy and I met him again a few years ago when I visited one of his art exhibitions and bought a print. I’m proud to say that I also have an original work by George Skelton, he drew my Dad’s retirement card. The (half) ground floor classroom was my form room for a while with Mrs Whitehead. Sadly I have missed the demolition of the hall, it must have come down in a day because earlier in the week it was there, now it’s gone! See Thorp Academy Page for previous photographs and articles.

A couple of days later 3/8/2016
A couple of days later 3/8/2016

A couple of days later




Thank you so much to Karen of Thorp Academy for taking me to the top of the STEM building this morning to get some photos of the demolition work. Also to the staff of Thompsons and Robert McAlpine who are always helpful. I was telling Karen how hard I find it to get my bearings when I watch a building being pulled down, even when it’s somewhere I knew well. I would add captions to these photographs, but since I left Thorp, classrooms have changed functions several times over. So, what I know as the Domestic Science room, isn’t how you might remember it. Comments would still be welcome though.  This batch taken Wedenesday 15th June, 2016.

Many thanks to the staff of Sir Robert McAlpine, who allowed me to take some photographs of the gradual demolition of the old Thorp Academy today. Health and safety laws decree that I’m not allowed to get too close, but you get an idea of how it is coming along. I’m hoping to be allowed back to take some more in a few weeks time.  Photographs taken on Thursday, 31st March, 2016.


I was thrilled when a couple of months ago an invitation dropped onto the mat inviting me to the official opening of the Thorp Academy STEM building. STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and the new purpose-built facility stands to P1010153the rear of the school where (in my day) the hockey pitch used to be.

The official opening of the STEM building took place at 9am this morning, January 15th, and it was Baroness Morris of Yardley (Estelle Morris) who did the honours. One of the speakers pointed out that, whilst it’s exciting to witness new developments, he always feels sorry for the former students who are missing out. I know what he means, I’ve missed it all by forty years, but nevertheless it’s wonderful to see, and be privy to the marvellous opportunities now available. Here are some photos.

It’s the 2015 autumn break and the demolition guys are moving in. Here’s some pics taken at about 8am on Tuesday, 28th October.

Images from Rehearsals – Ticket to Broadway, June 2015

Photos from the fundraising event at Greenside Social Club, September, 2015 to raise money for the trip to Borneo.

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