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The day I met ………

My first job on leaving school was in the popular music section of JG Windows in Newcastle upon Tyne. Late one afternoon I was lolling against the counter, fiddling with a roll of sticky tape, one eye watching the clock. The heavy glass entrance door swept open and in glided a middle-aged gentleman with grey bouffant hair, tinted in pinks and purples around the temples. He sported a green velvet jacket and a cluster of silk scarves and frills. The ensemble was topped off with a wide-brimmed black hat, accessorised with yet another silk scarf, black gloves, and what I would call a swagger stick. And boy did he swagger; flamboyance oozed from every pore. Today his appearance wouldn’t cause a stir, but on that afternoon in the 1970’s stirring was in evidence within a 50ft radius, as customers stopped leafing through LP sleeves to gawp.

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Maybe I should tell somebody this is here ……….

I worked late yesterday – too late to go for my run with Heather and Debbie. Of course there was nothing to stop me going out on my own, but I was busy with my Ipad working on this blog. I finally asked a couple of people to have a look at it for me and they all seem to think it’s alright so maybe it’s time to go public. If you’re reading this I would be grateful if you could click the “follow” button which is around somewhere. I keep shifting it about, but at the time of writing it’s down on the right. After you’ve clicked it I don’t expect you ever to read my blog again, but a click would be fantastic, thank you.