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National Glass Centre and back to school…..

Dancing on the roof

I’ve had a lovely weekend, spending Saturday afternoon with Heather, my friend Lyndsey, and her two little’uns at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland. You will see I’ve written a review of the Centre for What’s Good To Do, and in it I mention the glass roof. It’s made of glass 6cm thick and strong enough to hold 460 people in one go. You know you’re safe on it, and yet it’s a very hard thing to begin walking over it, and it took us several attempts and a lot of squealing to get going. Once you’ve got used to it you can look 40’ below into the brasserie reception area and shop. I advise that the wearing of trousers is a strict necessity, steer clear of skirts and kilts – or if you do have to wear them make sure that everything is safely gathered in.