Kathleen’s Tea Rooms

You will have noticed that the Ryton Hotel, as it once was, has been transformed into a tea room. The first actual “tea room” in Ryton that I remember being here since I was five or six, so well over fifty years. There are other nice eateries in Ryton, but not a tea room as such. I’ve been bursting to try here ever since the new sign went up, so Heather and I called in for a panini and a fresh cup of coffee on Wednesday morning. They were lovely, the coffee freshly made and hot (not lukewarm as in some places). I managed to resist the array of delicious looking cakes and scones, but I’m intending to book in for afternoon tea very soon. The service is cheerful and friendly (also child friendly) and it has the advantage of being open on Sundays. Thorough Covid precautions are in place. It’s right in the centre of Ryton, so give it a go.

Opening hours are 8.30am to 4.30am Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays

Tel 0191 413247