2019 Ryton Festival results

Festival Results 2019 1st Music Weekend

Class 28 Folk Song.

1st Julie Gill   2nd Pat Nelson, Rachel Rew,  Isabel Moloney

Class 30 Song Class Male voice

1st Michael Gardner  2nd Jonathan Rew

Class 18 Operatic Aria Male voice

1st Jonathan Rew   2nd JonathanWorthy

Class 46 Piano Solo Grades 5/6

1st Georgia Hutchinson  2nd Florence Mills

Class 42 Piano Duet, 15 & Under

1st  Georgia Hutchinson & Isaac Swarbrick

Class 45 Piano Solo Grades 7/8

1st Rory Hobson  2nd Florence Mills, Flora Waters

Class S1 Strings – open

1st Alexander Raine

Class 44 Piano Solo open class

1st Dolly He  2nd Fiona Devereux

Class W1 Woodwind open

1st Anita Arris  2nd Flora Waters

Class 40 Piano Duet – open

1st Tony Gibson & Fiona Devereux

Class E1 Ensemble open

1st The Elvaston Ensemble

Class 47 Piano Grades 3/4

1st Isaac Swarbrick   2nd Rose Chantal Ho

Class 43 Piano Duet 12 & under

1st Ellen Stoker & Lily Teague

Class 48 Piano Grades 1/2

1st Sam Dixon  2nd Grace Lightley & Oliver Sanderson

Class S3 Strings 12 & under

1st Dominic Blackburn  2nd Isla Mason

Class 39 Boys’ solo 11 & under

1st Oliver Sanderson  2nd Jack Carlin. & Daniel Edes

Class 37 Girls’ solo 12 & under

1st Richa Kocherlakato  2nd Freya Burdon-Watson

Class 15 Duet – open

1st Julie Gill & Rachel Rew  2nd Paula Carruthers & Glenis Holliday

Class 26 British Composer

1st Glenis Holliday  2nd Becky Smith

Class 16 Lieder

1st Jonathan Worthy  2nd Jonathan Rew

Class 17 Female Operatic

1st Isabel Moloney   2nd Grace Ridley

Drama Weekend

Class 59 Sonnets

1st Archie Hobrough

Class 72 Duologues

1st Rebecca Hall & Audrey Lawler

Class CA1 Cranmar Awards

1st Sally Sheridan  2nd Valerie Fiamavle & Phineas Willis

Class 68 Solo Acting

1st Max Weatherhead   2nd Emily Megoran

Class 56 Verse Speaking

1st Emily Megoran   2nd Alex Trim

Class 53 Verse Speaking

1st  Niamh Burton  2nd Soumya Narkhede

Class CS2 Choral Speaking

1st Newcastle High School for Girls

Class 67 Solo Acting

1st Sian Tuck  2nd Niamh Burton

Class 55 Verse Speaking

1st Sian Tuck  2nd Charlotte Hunter & Evie Kopko

Class SR2 Sight Reading

1st Abhay Khanna

Class 80 Original Verse

1st Rachel Carradice

Class 73 Duologue Open

1st Emily Bell & Meg Stockwell
2nd Susan Emmett & Brian Coulson

Class 57 Verse Speaking Open

1st Robin Piette nd James Pearson

Class 78 Prepared Reading

1st Robin Piette 2nd James Pearson

Class 60 Sonnets Open

1st James Pearson  2nd Robin Piette

Class SR3 Sight Reading

1st Louise Wright  2nd Robin Piette

Class 66 Bible Reading Open

1st Tony Algar  2nd James Pearson

Class 69 Solo Acting Open

1st Alex Russell  2nd Virginia Barbour

Class 77 Plays Open

1st Throckley Drama Group   2nd Damage Done Ryton

2nd Music Weekend

Class CG1 Choir Girls Solo

1st Richa Kocherlakola  2nd Molly Brown

Class 36 Girls Solo 15 years

1st Freya Burdon-Watson  2nd Isabelle Houghton

Class 35N Vocal Solo  18 years

1st Molly Brown  2nd Freya Burdon-Watson

Class 35 Girls Solo [Rutter]

1st Saffron Sims-Brydon   2nd Emma Raymont & Tianna Masters

Class 35MT Light Opera  18 years

1st Saffron Sims-Brydon  2nd Millie Buck

Class B3 Solo Instrument Brass 12years

1st Tianna Masters  2nd William Straughan

Class E3

1st Corbridge Middle School Ceilidh Band   2nd CMS Wind Band & CMS Guitar Group

Class E2

1st North Durham Brass Group

Class W2

1st Alex Morrell  2nd Jake Kenmir

Class D1

1st Vanessa and Alex Morrell

Class S2

1st  Bridget Mielniczek-Page  2nd Alex Morrell

Class 8 Junior choir

The Drydon Bell Throphy
1st Corbridge Middle School Junior Choi   2nd Bow, Durham School.

The Marion Taylor Trophy

1st  St Andrew’s Singers, Heddon-on-the- Wall.  2nd Corbridge Middle School Boys Choir

Class 10 Junior Children’s Choir Hymn

1st Bow, Durham School
2nd Emmaville Primary School

Class 7 Senior Children’s Choir
The Tyne and Wear CC Trophy
1st Corbridge Middle School Senior Choir  2nd Newcastle Youth Choir

The Ryton & District Round Table Cup

1st Newcastle Youth Choir
2nd Corbridge Middle School Senior Choir

Class 27 French Composer Class

1st Isabel Moloney   2nd Lynne Bloxham

Class 23 Aria from Oratorio

1st Jonathan Rew
2nd Michael Gardner

Class 19 Light Opera Open

1st Jonathan Worthy
2nd Pat Nelson & Julie Gill

Class 29 Song Class

1st Rachel Rew
2nd Isabel Maloney

Class 20 Victorian/Edwardian Parlour Song.

1st Jonathan Worthy   2nd Rachel Rew & Pat Nelson

Class 11 Chamber Choir

1st Tenovus
2nd Corbridge Camerata & Sage Folk Choir

Class 25 Prizewinners’ Class

1st Richard Grady

Class 22 Aria from Oratorio

1st Glenis Holliday

2nd Emily Pehson

Class 12 Vocal Trio or Quartet

1st The Churchburn Trio
2nd The Brown Family & Cecilia Singers

Championship Oratorio/Opera Class 

1st Jonathan Rew  2nd Richard Grady

Special Awards

Singer of the Year – Jonathan Worthy

Photocall Trophy – Tianna Masters
Harry Guildford Trophy – Flora Waters
James K Nicholson Music – Molly Brown
W.A. Mears Memorial Trophy – St Andrew’s Singers, HeddonDrama


James K Nicholson Drama – Max Weatherhead
The Sheila Beveridge Cup Best Performance – Susan Emmett The Donald Beveridge Cup Best Set – Throckley Drama Group