Another hit at St. Agnes!

St. Agnes has had a change of leadership since I was last there. The previous head, Mr. Geoff Laidler, has moved on and has been succeeded by Ms Joanne Woods. One thing that hasn’t changed is the standard of the school performances. The two highlights of the year are the summer concert and the school show held every December. This year we were treated to Bugsy Malone. I’ve talked about St. Agnes raising the bar in the past but I think now they’ve put it out of reach. Apart from the usual fine standard of acting, singing and dancing, the children had to master American accents which they accomplished superbly. It was also a very tricky script, the leads had many many lines to learn and I gather this was done in a short time. No one forgot the words, one would have thought that they had been performing this show for months. It’s very kind of Joanne and her team to invite me and I’m thoroughly looking forward to returning on Tuesday morning to see the younger children perform their nativity play.

The overriding impression I get of St. Agnes School is that it’s a very happy place. Pupils and teachers alike always seem cheerful and to be enjoying themselves. I can’t wait to go back!

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