Ye Olde Cross Share offer extended

Share Offer Extended Until January: Just £25,000 To Go

Friends of Ye Olde Cross are so close to their target that they’re extending the share offer deadline until January. More than 200 of you have helped them raise £225,000 so far, which means they only need another £25,000 to buy the pub. This is an unbelievable achievement. However, if they don’t raise the funds by January, they may lose the 100k grant and loan that has helped them reach the £225,000 total. They are too close for that to happen. If you can buy any shares before January it will make all the difference.

If you’d like to form a syndicate but you don’t know anyone else interested, put a post in our Facebook group. There are others like you who’d like to form a group and are looking for members.

If you’ve already bought shares, you don’t have to buy another £200 – you can top up in multiples of £20. 

Let’s make this happen – and we can all celebrate the New Year as co-owners of a pub. Click Here for details.