Ye Olde Cross on Alfie and Anna!

Picture above courtesy of Ye Olde Cross committee team

Liz Smith has been in touch with to tell me why she is keen to be part of getting Ye Olde Cross open again.  Liz writes;

” I grew up in Ryton Village. The pub has always played such an important part in village life, it was the focus for the village green, even as a child I remember the pub being an important part of the village. So many people in Ryton have happy memories of times spent in “the Cross” it would take the heart out of the village if it didn’t re-open!”

I rarely watch BBC Television (it’s all Netflix and Sky Sports in our house) but the cost of my TV licence is justified by BBC local radio.  Radio Newcastle is of the highest quality and it is switched on at 7am while I’m still in bed and keeps me company for the rest of the day.  I like all of the programmes, but my favourite is the breakfast show with Anna Foster and Alfie Joey, two particularly talented presenters.  How exciting then, to tune in on Wednesday morning and hear Ye Olde Cross team being interviewed by Anna.  The piece was repeated several times during the broadcast, but if you missed it then Click Here
The only thing I don’t like about Anna Foster is that she has three grown up children and yet she looks about twenty four!  It was very kind of Anna and BBC Newcastle to give Ye Olde Cross this air time and I’m just disappointed I didn’t meet her too.  I know she is a very good darts player, so, note to committee, perhaps we can get her into the darts team when the pub opens?