Ye Olde Cross – get involved!

Carols at Ye Olde Cross

On Tuesday morning I met up (in Coffee Johnny’s) with Jenny Wotherspoon.  Jenny has been a Rytonian for about  eighteen months now and it’s clear that she’s rapidly become passionate about our village and developed a commitment  to supporting community life here.  As part of that commitment, Jenny is actively involved in the bid to save Ye Olde Cross on the village green and is Vice-Chair of the committee.

I would like to invite people to contact me (or Ye Olde Cross committee) to tell me why the pub is important to them, so that stories can be published here and also on Ye Olde Cross website.  My email address is  I have reasons to be keen for the pub to be re-opened and I’ll kick off the mini blogs myself in a day or two. 

The committee have produced a detailed 29 page business plan and a short video outlining their aims.  These (and more) can be found by visiting their website, here’s the link.  Ye Olde Cross.

A lot of work has gone into the site which can only reflect the even greater effort put in behind the scenes, Business Meetings, Fundraising Events, and extensive administration duties.  

The vision is to have a community run pub owned by the shareholders.  The minimum stake in shares is £200, but groups of individuals can club together and spread the cost.  Why not have a word with your neighbours?

If you don’t have the means to buy shares but would like to help out in the short-term, the team are looking for volunteers to drop flyers in and around Ryton between 17th and 21st November.  If you can deliver in a couple of streets in the area where you live please get in touch via the link above. You are also invited to the Winter Warmer Party once again, click on the link for details.