St. Agnes raise the bar yet again

The surprising things about the productions staged by St. Agnes School in Crawcrook, is that every time I go, I think that it would be impossible for them to get any better, and yet they always do.  I’ve seen some jolly good stuff here, and tonight was no exception.  Not for St. Agnes the boring nativities of old, this energetic, funny, and hugely entertaining production of Cinderella was original, and as always showcased some excellent talent. I’m not going to pick out any names, because this was exceptional singing, dancing, and acting all round.  I would urge parents reading this to consider asking their offspring if they would be interested in joining the Live Youth Theatre.

This was a stunning production, and mention must be given to the sound and lighting engineers, not to mention the director and scriptwriters.   I am sorry that I never manage to photograph everybody, unfortunately the lighting is low and most of the shots end up blurred. Here is what I did get.  

The Cast: Edith Akerman, Rhianah Chambers, Faye Jeavens, Faye Purvis, Ellie Tree, Ruby Robson, Rebekah Gaughan, Hannah Burge, Janie Newham, Ollie Hamill, Lily Pearson, Samir Punn, Thomas Coxon, Steven Adams, Anya Beal, Anna Grimwade, Aaron Bell, Clara McVey, Kiara Boroumand. Lyla-Daisy Anderson, Grace Parker, Eve Dawes, Jessica Hindmarsh, Grace Gardner, Chloe Mason-Burnett, Gabriella Dolan, Robyn Butler-Aust, Isabella Spooner, Patrick Laidler, Oliver Bloodworth, Finlay McCann, Aidan Wallace-Back, Marcus Proud, Hanna Coxon, Edward Harvey, Joseph Murphy, Samual Thomson and Eve Larkin.  

Backstage: Marcus Proud, Francesca Moody, Scott McDermott, Dylan Hadland, Lara Oswald, Finlay McCann, Nathan Burton