Thank you Ryton and Crawcrook CO-OP!i

A massive thank you to local residents who nominated Ryton Library and Ryton Festival of Music Speech and Drama as beneficiaries of the CO-OP’s drive to support the local community. Big thanks too to the staff of Ryton and Crawcrook CO-OP’s. I am privileged to serve both Ryton Festival and Ryton Library. This morning I was glad to be on hand to take photographs of some of our local beneficiaries receiving their cheques. Liz Peart and Alison Williams, chair and secretary of Ryton Festival, received a cheque for £2,478.90, and Mrs D. Davies was glad to receive £2,648.98 on behalf of St. Agnes Day Nursery.  Ryton and Crawcrook Albion are £2,614.67 richer thanks to local generosity, however they did not send a representative to accept their cheque at the official time – Adam and Pete of Crawcrook CO-OP stood in for their photo shoot. Dane, chair of Ryton Library, gratefully took receipt of the money raised for Ryton Community Library.