Declaration of intent

My stomach is nice and slim.  At least one of them is.  It’s the other three or four that are the problem.  I’m fond of telling people my doctor’s instructions, “You mustn’t run anymore because of your knee.”  Admittedly I’m less fond of recounting his next sentence, “But there’s nothing to stop you cycling and swimming.”  I’m a good swimmer, which sounds boastful.  It’s not.  Every individual from Ryton who is of my generation or the ones before and after mine are good swimmers, because of Ryton Pool and Ernie Brodrick.

We went to watch my niece in the Great North Run last week, an event I’ve competed in quite a few times.  Standing at the end of the Tyne Bridge, wringing wet with the atmosphere, I realised how much I miss exercise, and vowed to do something about my ever expanding waist line.  A few hours later, I chatted to my expressive little fat face in the bathroom mirror, and together we wondered about The Great North Swim.  It’s only a mile, in Windermere next June.  I can swim a mile, but my experience is confined to Dunston or Blaydon baths.  Cold water swimming will be very different.

animated-swimming-image-0087Heather works from home on Wednesdays, which means that I can have the car.  She was startled to find me up and rattling car keys at 7am.
“Where are you going?”
“What now?”
“Yes now.”

She had been similarly alarmed the evening before.
“Will I do your tea now or when I come back?” I asked her.
“Why where are you going?”
“Slimming World.”
“What now?”
“Yes now.”

So you see by telling you about it, I have to stick to it.  I will lose weight and I will do the swim. It’s great to be back at Tracey’s Slimming World group in Ryton.  I say I will do something, that I can do it on my own, but then I slip.  I need the support and encouragement of the Slimming World family.  I am also very proud to say that I personally know people who have lost nine or ten stones in weight.  I haven’t just read about them in the newspaper, I actually KNOW them, because they attend Tracey’s group and continue to attend after they’ve reached their target weight.  I re-joined last Tuesday, and I’m pleased to say that this morning I am seven and a half pounds lighter. I’ve stuffed myself silly all week, but with all the right things.  The best part about it though, is not losing weight, it’s the friendships I’ve formed. Click here for further information. Local Slimming World groups.

Heather’s cake, baked by Dawn!

Heather reaches the big 50 this week, and as part of her celebrations we are going on holiday to Filey with my brother and sister-in-law.  It’s a place I’ve never been to and we’re renting a cottage. It only seems five minutes since Heather hit forty.  We spent the day queuing in the Metrocentre outside Waterstone’s to meet Alan Shearer and get him to sign his book.  We’re not doing anything football related this time around, but she isn’t half pleased with her cake!