Foodbank collection point in Ryton

Rytonian Alison Stancliffe has kindly been in touch to tell us about the Gateshead Foodbank.  Alison writes: 
“Did you know Gateshead Foodbank has a food collection point in Ryton? The folk at Ryton Methodist church do, as they host it!  Anyone in Ryton can drop off donations there, preferably items chosen from a specially compiled list. 
Every week, local church volunteer Liz takes a filled box down to Swalwell warehouse and then lets regular givers know what there might be shortages of. At the moment it’s long life milk and tinned fruit, she says. But really anything is welcome because this is ‘Holiday Hunger’ time, when children who normally get free school meals  can find ‘normal’ is no meal at all. 
The foodbank supplies food to community centres around Gateshead throughout the holidays to tackle this problem, and because of this higher demand, Liz says she could do with finding lots more food in the collection basket. 
So if you want to help, take a look at the list and bring something along to Ryton Methodist Church on a Thursday or Sunday morning when you’ll find someone who’ll steer you to the food bank box. 
From 24th-28th July you can donate any morning 10.00 -12.30, as the helpers in the children’s holiday club can show you the way. Happy shopping!”