Oh yes they do! St. Agnes do it again!

There was some controversy in the press last week over a head teacher charging a quid per person for parents/relatives to see a nativity play. A right old hooing and hahhing.  One father wrote, in The Times, I think it was, that he ahtwould be charging the school not only for his daughter’s performance, but also for his general expenditure taking her to and from rehearsals. Get over it. Kids cost money, productions as fine as this need extra pennies, and the work that has been poured into the St. Agnes show,  “Aladdin Trouble” is phenomenal. How do I know? No I wasn’t there at rehearsal, but to produce and direct well over a couple of hundred children, an entire school in fact, into providing us with this polished performance involves a bit of an outlay. Only in terms of props mind you, staff and volunteers plough in the time free of charge. Maybe it’s not appropriate to ask parents and grandparents to pay, but possibly there’s a case to put on extra performances and invite the wider public – for a small donation. It struck me last night that the  population surrounding St. Agnes were missing out, and maybe, Mr. Laidler, there’s a case for an additional performance for a paying public?  I would pay to see this.

Wow! What can I say? How do I start? St. Agnes are taking drama seriously, and it’s great to know that the children who go on to study at St Thomas More and Thorp Academy will have their talent encouraged and developed. This wonderful pantomime was of professional standard. Great acting, dancing, comic timing, and contemporary jokes. Well done guys, and thank you for inviting me.