Here’s what’s going on in the park

The project leader for Wildground, Nikki Woodward, has been in touch to give  an update on Ferndene Park.  I used the park last month when my four-year old niece and nephew were here along with to their big brother.  The kids loved splashing around in the water/sand pit, and we made full use of the football pitch. The fact that the toilet facilities were available meant we were able to remain there all afternoon.  Much has been made of the recent deterioration of the park, but hard work by Wildground and many local volunteers are helping to restore some of its former glory. 
Nikki reports that litter picking carried out in October revealed a lot less evidence of substance abuse. This may be because the dene is more  open and accessible due to the thinning out of trees and the removal of a fallen tree which was blocking access to the bridge.
Work has continued cutting and removing timber with chain saws.  Some of this was removed and taken to the Staithes where it was used as habitat piles for children’s educational activities._dsc0194
Vegetation which was growing through the fence at the dene entrance behind the bowling club has been trimmed down. This makes access a lot easier down the steps accessing the dene near the bridge.
Stinging nettles were also dug up and removed along the path edge in the dene. There will be patches of nettles left in the dene out of sight of the main path as they will provide a food source for caterpillars and a place for butterflies to lay their eggs.
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