Pickle Palace

“You need to get yourself along to the Pickle Palace,” Heather told me a week or two ago.
“The where?”
“The Pickle Palace in Greenside.  Harriet’s been telling me about it, they make lots of pickles and sell them in the Community Centre.  It would be good to put on your blog.”
“I’ll have a look up then,” I said, imagining a couple of comely ladies in their mid-fifties, rather like myself, beaming over a checked table-cloth selling a few jars of homemade chutney.

nf1I have to be honest I forgot about it for a bit, but Heather didn’t, and pointed me in the direction of their website, so I made contact asking if I could visit and take a few photographs. Michelle replied, and she invited me along to the MacMillan coffee morning she was hosting earlier today.

300916_dsc0003This is more than just a cottage industry.  The Pickle Palace website is hugely professional – rather like the rest of the operation.  How long must it have taken to make this lot? (see photo).  Pickle Palace is run by Michelle, Hayley and Hannah who are nothing like the stereotypical jam makers I imagined, but three hard-working young women developing what appears to be a rapidly expanding business.  I only knew of it by word of mouth, so maybe more advertising is needed.  Let’s advertise it here.  The personable Michelle can be found in the Community Centre most days, and if you call in to see her you can be assured of a warm welcome.  You can also order products over the internet.  For full details of the large range of services visit http://www.thepicklepalace.co.uk/
Here are some photos from today.