Our own Community Library

imageSince retiring at the beginning of October,  I’ve had the time to visit different events and write about them here, and even had a day’s paid employment on the freezing cold set of Vera.  Recently however, there’s been something bothering me.  It’s the fact that my open-mouthed absorption in Chardonnay/Tequila/Troy and their lie detector tests, is never dulled by repetition. It is also true that I know all the words to Piglet’s Big Movie.  I’ve been pursuing my scruffy, uncouth, couch potato mode just a little too far – high time to drag myself away from Jeremy Kyle and involve myself in something else.

Ryton Community Library was set up following the closure of the facility that used to stand on Grange Road where the car park is now. It’s run entirely by volunteers and stocks a good selection of fiction and non fiction for all ages. The library is a hidden diamond, tucked away beneath the Methodist Church at the Lane Head, opposite Ryton Deli.  Membership is free, though there is a small charge (£2 per year) for internet access.

I’ve wanted to volunteer for a long time, but work commitments prevailed and it’s only now (following some training sessions) that I’ve finally got started.  Fellow volunteer Lin helped me keep my head above water, and circumvent the difficulties thrown up by a temperamental computer.  Assuming they will have me, I’m thoroughly looking forward to going back.

The library is open 6 days per week, Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm.  For more information and details on events such as Rhyme Time, visit Ryton Community Libraryimage