St Agnes reception..more nativity magic !

Another wonderful afternoon along at St. Agnes Catholic School in Crawcrook to see the last of their nativity plays, this time the turn of the reception class.  Lovely to get chatting to two of my ‘old’ (I use the word advisedly) school chums, Pam and Kev, there to watch their grandson Toby.

The photographs I posted on Tuesday of the Year 1/2 nativity play has attracted more than 9,000 hits, and also a couple of emails from parents disappointed that their child isn’t featured.  I am genuinely sorry if I fail to get a photograph of your child, but I am in schools as a guest and mindful that I have to be as unobtrusive as possible.  My pictures are taken from the back of the hall with a zoom lens and no flash, and therefore only a quarter of the images I take are good enough to publish. The school are provided with an unedited CD of everything I take however, and parents are welcome to a copy of this – I only ask for postage.

A big thank you to St Agnes for yet again allowing me to see yet another wonderful production, small wonder that the head, Mr Laidler, is so proud of you all.  I would like to thank St Agnes for supporting my blog and please invite me back next year.  Here then, are the pictures from this afternoon, if you like them, please share the link on Facebook and Twitter and tell all your friends!

Tammy Linsell