Straw and Order, an Emmaville treat!

Christmas is a time beloved of the young, the lead up to it being more exciting than the day itself I think.  A major joy during the run up to December 25th is the school nativity play.  I was a pupil at Emmaville School in Crawcrook in the late sixties.  Many of the corridors I inhabited are long gone, but the old playground is still recognisable, even though it’s now a car park, and the playing fields to the east haven’t changed at all. There are many new buildings, but the classrooms where Bessie Clark, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Henderson, Mr. Kelly and Ernie May once ruled supreme are still in existence.  I was privileged to be invited along to see the first of this season’s nativity plays there on Monday afternoon.  These events are a special time for the young people of our local schools, because it’s a chance for them to contribute creatively to their community.  It was a wonderful afternoon, and I would love to be invited back next year, though the production of “Straw and Order” will take some topping.  I would like to thank the head, Ms Armstrong, for allowing me to be there, and also Julie in admin, who was my classmate in bygone days.  Here are some *photos.xmas1562_DSC0077_edited-2_DSC0066_edited-2_DSC0065_edited-1_DSC0052_edited-1_DSC0048_edTMP-1_DSC0045_edited-2_DSC0041_edited-1_DSC0036_edited-2_DSC0035_edited-2_DSC0033_edited-2_DSC0025_edited-3_DSC0023_edited-3_DSC0017_edited-3

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