Irene goes zip!

_DSC0060_edited-1On Saturday afternoon Heather and I headed off down to the Quayside to watch my best friend Irene do her zip wire jump.  Quite how she got into this, or was persuaded to do it, is something I can’t quite get to the bottom of,  but it was a fantastic achievement. The last time we went to watch an event such as this, was a few years ago when our young friend Victoria completed a bungee jump from the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough.  Petrified of heights myself, I couldn’t bear to watch, so my difficulty lay in the fact that she’d asked me to take photographs.  I navigated this dilemma by setting up the camera on a tripod, got it pre-aimed and focused, and then I clicked away rapidly when it got to Victoria’s turn, but without actually looking up.  A zip wire jump is every bit as difficult as a bungee plunge, but not quite as violent, and so I did manage to keep my eyes on Irene the whole time.  Very well done Clarky, it is most certainly something I could never do myself, but if anyone reading this thinks they would like to have a bash, visit,   Zip Slides UK