St. Agnes Catholic Primary conjure up fairy dust!

DSC_0036_edited-2Thorp Academy had better watch out, because the KS2 Drama Club, at St. Agnes Catholic Primary School in Crawcrook, are snapping at their heels. When it comes to end of term celebrations, St. Agnes know how to do it in style, and on Wednesday night they provided some top class entertainment for their local community. Mrs Hankin, who teaches there, is the author of a very funny play, The Mixed Up Fairy Tale, and she kindly invited me along to see it. As the title suggests, the plot is based on several traditional fairy tales, mixing them up, and giving everything a modern twist. I particularly enjoyed a rap sequence and the lines, “Awesome grooves and awesome moves.” This fast paced show certainly was awesome. Very talented young actors here, with clever make-up and elaborately crafted costumes. Mrs Hankin, please invite me back at Christmas!peterpan

f025The fabulous cast: Anne Anderson, Mary Butler, Olivia Moody, Miriam Schenker, Niamh Daly, Mary Grace Wilson-Malone, Amelia Atkinson, Isaac Hind, Brooke Maddison, Martha Young, Stella Hamill, Keira Elmslie, Ellie Maitland, Ben Grimwade, Holly Ramsden, Olivia Moody, Niamh Bloodworth, Keira Butler-Aust, Sara Tennant, Lucy Butler, Francesca Dolan, Skye Kendall, Sophie Davis, and Jessica Aspey.  Click here for St. Agnes Website


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