Technicolour for the ears! Broadway at Thorp Academy

imagesI was kindly allowed to sit in on a rehearsal of Broadway last night, the new show being staged by students of dramatic art at the Thorp Academy.  As they rehearsed ‘The Rhythm of Life’ from Sweet Charity, I couldn’t help but lament that when I was at Thorp, we didn’t have a drama teacher, and I really wish we had.  We did once stage a musical imagesplay of sorts, but only to the rest of the school, and it certainly didn’t include any of the fabulous numbers from Sweet Charity.  Neither can I bring to mind any teacher (apart from Richard Reid) who would have enthused me enough to stay behind after school for four minutes, let alone the four hours spent by the students and tutors of Thorp last night, perfecting already  accomplished performances for our benefit.

I was grateful to be allowed to take photographs during rehearsal, and you can find these by clicking here<
So!  Make a date for Wednesday 8th July, Thursday, 9th July (or both!) to see and hear these fine young people in Broadway, a celebration of tunes from the shows.  I saw their last production, We Will Rock You, and it was wonderful, and seeing the cast again last night, I see just how much work goes on behind the scenes.  The show starts at 7pm on both evenings, and it may be your last chance to be in the Thorp Academy Hall, as it is due for demolition shortly.  Get yourselves along!DSC_0001_edited-1

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