Getting Christmassy

I finally made it to the Ryton Farmer’s Market last weekend. It’s held near to the Pit Wheel beside Ryton Rugby Club on the last Saturday of every month, though there will be a Christmas Market on Saturday, 13th of December, then the next one after that will be the last day of January. It’s on between 10am and 1pm and I was able to buy free range eggs, speciality bread, some home-baked pies, and cheese. There’s plenty of parking, so if you want to buy a lot of stuff you can always take it back to the car bit by bit. Ryton Market

Farmer’s Market

I noticed last night that the Christmas Tree is up at the top of the village which is lovely to see as for a lot of years we didn’t have one.  There’s one up in Greenside too but it isn’t decorated yet.  We sorted out our own tree on Sunday; a process that involved a great deal of squabbling and telling off the cats for running away with things.  Our lives and living room are currently shared by a full sized Father Christmas as well, I’m going to add a video of him here very shortly. He’s with us at home for most of the time but he is booked out for a couple of events to raise money for charity.  Do get in touch if you want to borrow him.

Festive Ryton

Last Thursday evening was our annual trip to the Theatre Royal pantomime to see Danny Adams, Clive Webb, Chris Hayward and Steve Arnott in Snow White. I first went to the pantomime when I was five or six and continued going as an adult. I saw a lot of big comedy names, people who are no longer with us but still pop up regularly on UK Gold, luminaries such as Terry Scott, Mike and Bernie Winters, Bernard Bresslaw, Jimmy Clithero and so on.  Then I defected to the Sunderland Empire because I hadn’t heard of Clive and Danny and I chose the very famous but far less talented Micky Rooney over them.  My friend Pat books for the Theatre Royal every Christmas and about three years ago someone dropped out and she asked me if I wanted to go. I quickly realised precisely why Danny, Clive, Chris, and Steve are invited back year after year and why this is the fastest selling pantomime in the UK (we are already booked for November, 2015). It’s because these are the best pantomimes you will ever see, particularly the comedic talent and slapstick athleticism of Danny Adams. Chris Hayward as Rita has the deserved reputation of being one of the best dames in the country, and he makes many of his glorious costumes himself. The productions are consistently fresh and long may their reign continue.  There was a child sitting in front of me on Thursday who was rendered utterly helpless with laughter. It was a joy to see.

Heather has been away working in London for a couple of days. I dropped her off at the Central Station first thing on Monday morning and about 5 hours later I received the following text.

“I’m lost, I don’t know where I am.” I’ve spoken about her doing this before, she’s in London and I’m at work in Gateshead, what am I supposed to do I wonder? I located her on ‘Find my IPhone’ and was able to report back that she was on Wembley Park Road.

“Well where is that?” she asked,

“In London,” I replied.

Give me strength. If you happen to be in the Metrocentre this coming Sunday you might care to look out for Heather, she’s going to prance about the malls in full view of the public dressed as an Elf. I’m sure she would appreciate your support if you want to go along. I’ve managed to slide out of a supporting role because somewhat fortuitously I’m at work – which I consider to be the lesser in the choice between two evils. xmas1471