Race numbers and cars

Heather and I were consumed with excitement earlier this week because our race numbers arrived! This is for a 5k race we’ve entered and it takes place in Newcastle on Friday evening next week.

My delirium swiftly turned into a furrowed brow when I realised that our numbers have an embedded chip to measure our times. They mean I’m expected to do it in a time? It’s all starting to look a bit serious. My time will be the best part of an hour on account of my bad back and the fact that I’m fat. Our envelopes also contained a lot of reassuring literature about the importance of filling in our medical details and how to contact our next of kin should one of us die. Still it’s the taking part that counts and it will give me something to write about next week (so long as I don’t actually die of course). I’ve expressed my concerns regarding how professional everything looks to our friend Debbie, who I think shares my trepidation. I don’t know why because she’s become noticeably fitter as our training has progressed. We’ve been going down to the Derwent Walk two or three times a week and having a little jog, where we put the world to rights while Heather shoots off into the horizon.

I’ve just rung mechanic Keith to find out if he still wants to buy the “crappy old Peugeot” that was the subject of one of my earlier blogs. I’ve been made to use the Peugeot all week while Heather has my Micra. The reasons for this are vague but tend to centre around, “Well I might break down on the A1.” Well of course I’m equally as liable to break down on the A1 but apparently this doesn’t’ matter. Having said that I haven’t had a jot of bother with the car. Heather gets very overwrought about dials and things when they say stuff like the engine is overheating. I just cover them up so I can’t see them. Out of sight out of mind is what I say. I’m not fond of that Peugeot, I don’t know what any of the buttons are for and the CD’s are rubbish. Of course when Heather gets her new car, which is likely to be later on today, I won’t be allowed anywhere near it.

It’s been a quiet week and blogging has been difficult because the phone line at home has been down so I can’t get on to the internet. I’m hurriedly writing this at work during my lunch hour. I’ve contacted Sky to come and fix the problem but they want me to ring them tonight when I am actually in my house so that they can carry out further checks. I’ve pointed out that their telephone number is premium rate when I’m calling from a mobile. So that’s the reason why this entry is somewhat brief, I have to fit it into my lunch break. I hope we get the phone / internet back soon.

Before I go, check out this photo of Heather with a certain trophy, it was on display in Killingworth yesterday, near to where she works.  It’s the closest it’ll ever get to Newcastle……………….image