Maybe I should tell somebody this is here ……….

I worked late yesterday – too late to go for my run with Heather and Debbie. Of course there was nothing to stop me going out on my own, but I was busy with my Ipad working on this blog. I finally asked a couple of people to have a look at it for me and they all seem to think it’s alright so maybe it’s time to go public. If you’re reading this I would be grateful if you could click the “follow” button which is around somewhere. I keep shifting it about, but at the time of writing it’s down on the right. After you’ve clicked it I don’t expect you ever to read my blog again, but a click would be fantastic, thank you.

One of my friends has been reading another part of this blog and she asked me if I really did meet Quentin Crisp. Well yes I did actually. When I was 15 I got a Saturday job at JG Windows in the Central Arcade, Newcastle which is right opposite the Theatre Royal. Then when I left school I worked there full time for two years. This was in the seventies before the internet or Amazon had been invented, in the days before CD’s when the only way you could purchase an LP was to take a bus into town and actually walk into a shop. At the time JG Windows were the biggest record retailer outside London, and it was their proud boast that they kept at least one copy of every LP, EP or single which hadn’t been deleted. The place was a magnet for artists appearing at the Theatre Royal and scores of famous people came in to buy instruments, records, and sheet music. Ken Russell the film director had an account with us and was always very pleasant. I often found however, that the bigger the name, the nicer they were. Some of the lesser “stars” could be downright obnoxious. There was a bloke on the radio at the time who I couldn’t stand, and a chap who came into the shop every week who I couldn’t stand either. It was some months before I cottoned on to the fact that they were one and the same person. Quentin Crisp was lovely. We were forbidden to ask for autographs. I bitterly regret not bucking authority.

You will see from earlier blogs that I have a new office. My boss has been into see me this morning and says that I am to be moved upstairs, still my own room but loads bigger. I can see I’m going to have to purchase some more paper clips to fill it up.

Tomorrow Heather and I are venturing into mackem territory to meet my friend Lyndsey for lunch, and then we’re going to visit the glass centre because Heather has never been. No doubt we’ll come away with a fridge magnet, and hopefully something to blog about.