If it’s not one thing it’s your mother……..

My shoe cupboard
My mother’s shoe cupboard

As you can see I’ve included some pictures within this post of two shoe cupboards. This is to give you an idea of the differences between my Mum and me. One cupboard is mine and the other one is hers. She is 92 and never looks anything other than having just stepped out from the cover of Vogue. I on the other hand, er…. don’t. She always wanted a little girl she could dress up but unfortunately she ended up with me. I liked dressing up, but in Batman suits and cowboy outfits and I’m not sure that this was entirely what she’d envisaged.

The other photograph at the top of this page is of her collection of walking sticks – there is a colour to match every outfit and it takes a bloody age for her to choose one as we leave by the front door. This was especially frustrating this morning because I was taking her to a doctor’s appointment before I went to work so obviously I was keen to get going. Mum’s doctors have the patience of saints in my opinion because it’s always a mystery as to what the majority of these appointments are for. Today it was because; “Dr Anderson wants to see me,” which I find very hard to believe. This was backed up though, because when we got there the receptionist queried if we still required an appointment Mum has with Dr. Anderson next week as well. Mum’s reply; “Well she does like to see me you know.”

I finally managed to collect Heather’s car from the garage last night but decided to get the bus there. Unfamiliar with buses I got on the wrong one and ended up having to walk about three miles anyway and it cost me £2 for my trouble. I assured Keith the mechanic that he would never see the car again and I think he found that quite comforting, though he has offered to sell it for us. He’s probably just feeling a bit anxious and wants to make doubly sure that it’s definitely gone. I empathise.

Some happy news at work yesterday. A couple of months ago a kitten was abandoned in the rear yard, and an older black and white cat was also discovered. We were able to pick the kitten straight up, and she spent a pleasant morning sitting on the knees of various members of our office staff until she went into the care of the Gateshead & District CPL. After some input from a vet the CPL found her a loving home. The black and white boy was a little trickier (Bob) because he was so nervous, but the CPL kindly lent us a trap and after a couple of hours we had Bob too and he was also taken into the care of the CPL. Yesterday he finally found a new home, so everyone is very happy for him.

Still on the subject of cats there was massive excitement last night when two of my felines (Elsie and Vi) spotted a very big dicky bird indeed and began chattering their teeth demanding to be out. There was a Red Kite hovering right outside of our window before he finally landed on some prey in the field opposite. I went outside to have a look and rang my neighbour to come too; it was fantastic to see it so close and right beside our home. Sadly he came and went before I had the chance to get a photo.