Getting started …………….

This is the first day of my blog. Not quite the first day of course because I’ve spent the past week pouring over “Word Press for Dummies” by Lisa Sabin-Wilson, but my first day of actually publishing anything.

If you’ve read the “about me” bit you will know that I live in the North East of England with my civil partner Heather and our four cats. One of them being Elsie who is incredibly famous. Put ‘Elsie Linsell’ into the Facebook search engine and you’ll see what I mean. Heather is a Newcastle United fan and wanted to call her Shearer because she’s black and white (Elsie not Heather). I put my foot down over this one but I was prepared to compromise and suggested Elsie after Lady Elsie Robson, therefore staying with an NUFC theme but sticking with something respectable enough for the vet to call out in his waiting room.

I work in central Gateshead for a large organisation. I was doing shift work but at the moment I’m enjoying a pleasant break doing something which is day shift and weekends off. This allows me to follow pursuits such as attending Slimming World – which is tonight. It has also got me back into a little gentle activity (running a bit) which was last night with Heather and our friend Debbie. The three of us have entered into a 5k charity run at Gay Pride (18th to 20th July if you’re interested). This is why we are training so diligently. I’ve had back surgery but my back is OK with gentle running, and believe you me my running is very gentle. I have a disability in as much as I can’t bend down properly – a jolly useful handicap to have when the litter tray needs doing.

I’m an Arsenal fan and people always ask me why this is bearing in mind I’m a Geordie. Well you see I couldn’t stand football but in the late 90’s I attended a charity event and got talking to someone who I thought was Jimmy Nail. Afterwards I asked a colleague, “Why is Jimmy Nail talking with a cockney accent?” It was swiftly pointed out to me that in fact I had been conversing with Tony Adams the Arsenal and England Captain, so I began to follow football and in particular Arsenal. Gateshead FC did very well last season of course and Heather and I are thinking of getting season tickets. Heather went to see them at Wembley for the final to get into the football league last May, but I was tied up elsewhere and very disappointed at not being able to go too. We have already booked the Wembley Premier Inn for next year though, just in case.

I also like taking photos and will be putting loads on this blog. That’s all for now, but there will be lots more – now all I have to do is find some readers.